The following listing is published in the:

110 W Jefferson St
Ottawa, Il 61350




Valuation date (35 ILCS 200/9-95):                                            January 1, 2014

Required level of assessment (35 ILCS 200/9-145):                   33.33%

Valuation based on sales from (35 ILCS 200/1-155):                    2011, 2012 & 2013

            Publication is hereby made for equalized assessed valuations for real property in this township in accordance with 35 ILCS 200/12-10.  As required by 35 ILCS 200/9-210 and 35 ILCS 200/10-115, the following equalization factors have been applied to bring the assessments to the statutorily required three-year median level of 33.33%:

                                  FARM LAND (D.O. R. CERTIFIED VALUES).. 1.1000

                                  FARM LOTS, DWELLING ……………………. 1.0000

                                  NON-FARM RES LOTS ……………………….. 1.0000

                                  NON-FARM RES IMPROVEMENTS …………. 1.0000

                                  COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL ………………... 1.0000

            Questions about these valuations should be directed to:

                      Viki Crouch

                      1615 E. 1st St.

                      Streator, IL. 61364


                      Office hours: By appointment only.

            Property in this Township, other than farmland and coal, is to be assessed at a 33.33% median level of assessment, based on the fair cash value of the property.  You may check the accuracy of your assessment by dividing your assessment by the median level of assessment.  The resulting value should equal the estimated fair cash value of your property.  If the resulting value is greater than the estimated fair cash value of your property, you may be over-assessed.  If the resulting value is less than the fair cash value of your property, you may be under-assessed.  You may appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.

            If you believe your property’s fair cash value is incorrect or that the equalized assessed valuation is not uniform with other comparable properties in the same neighborhood, the following steps should be taken:

1.     Contact your township assessor’s office to review the assessment.

2.     If not satisfied with the assessor review, taxpayers may file a complaint with the LaSalle County Board of Review.  For complaint forms, instructions, and the Rules and Procedures of the Board of Review, call (815) 434-8231 or visit for more information.

3.     The final filing deadline for your township is 30 days from this publication date.  After this date, the Board of Review will no longer accept 2013 complaints for this township but will accept 2014 complaints payable the 2015 tax year. For more information on complaint deadlines, call (815) 434-8231 or visit

Your property may be eligible for homestead exemptions, which can reduce your property’s taxable assessment.  For more information on homestead exemptions, call (815) 434-8233 or visit

            Your property tax bill will be calculated as follows:

Final Equalized Assessed Value – Exemptions = Taxable Assessment;

Taxable Assessment x Current Tax Rate = Total Tax Bill.

            All equalized assessed valuations are subject to further equalization and revision by the LaSalle County Board of Review as well as equalization by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

            A complete list of assessments for this township for the current assessment year is as follows:


Owner Name Parcel Number Total Value
ANDERSON, ERIC / RAE ANE;34-17-404-000;83579
ANDERSON, JAMES/VICKY;34-14-316-000;9687
ANDERSON, JAMES/VICTORIA;34-15-103-000;177021
BEDECKER, RICHARD E / DONNA K;34-30-104-008;54613
BEDEKER, DAVID/DARLENE;34-02-310-000;175731
BEDEKER, JOHN L/SUSAN J;34-15-305-000;350172
BEDEKER, JOHN/SUSAN;34-15-307-000;178701
BIRTWELL, GALAN ESTATE;34-12-205-000;175881
BOYLE, JAMES J;34-02-406-000;530882
BREWICK, CLAIR VIRGIL JR ETAL;34-15-104-000;51838
BREWICK, CLAIR VIRGIL JR ETAL;34-15-105-000;176541
BROWN, BENJAMIN R;34-31-302-000;30768
BROYLES, MARK/KATHLEEN;34-30-117-034;30230
CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN W;34-07-202-000;29912
CAMPBELL, TODD M / BETTY A CO-TTEES;34-07-204-000;11276
CAMPBELL, TYE B / JUDY L TTEES;34-07-203-000;38792
CHARLES TALTY TRUST;34-13-405-000;176271
CLARKLEY, CHRISTOPHER / KIMBER;34-30-124-023;38033
COUCH, MARGARET TTEE ETAL;34-12-203-000;176481
DELEHANTY, MICHAEL W SR;34-30-111-017;27246
DOWNEY, ANDREW;34-01-307-000;178371
DOWNEY, ANDREW;34-12-317-000;175311
DOWNEY, ANDREW W;34-01-403-000;352542
DOWNEY, ANDREW W;34-12-105-000;177891
DURDAN, CHARLES E/BETH A;34-09-107-000;2319
DURDAN, RAYMOND / KELLY;34-30-307-001;20781
DURDAN, THOMAS F;34-02-203-000;352272
EUGENE D MISSEL TRUST;34-17-405-000;4041
EVERGREEN STREATOR LP;34-31-135-000;547535
FISCHER, WALLY R/ KIMBERLY;34-30-304-016;5667
GALLOWAY TRU, N B JR-S E;34-14-102-000;705414
GEMINI FARMS LLC;34-15-403-000;357552
GUSTAFSON, JEFFREY M;34-14-307-000;71404
HOGDEN, KENNETH SR;34-30-117-013;13834
LEGNER, DEBORA K;34-30-309-016;18537
LOPEZ, PEDRO MENDOZA ETAL;34-30-303-040;21709
LOVING, BETH ETAL;34-12-107-000;176511
LOVING, ELIZABETH B ETAL;34-11-202-000;177681
LUCAS, RICH / RICHARD, JOSEPH;34-30-310-015;25315
MENDOZA, JESUS / URENA, CINTHYA;34-19-326-003;12471
MISSEL, EUGENE TTEE;34-33-201-000;38793
MISSEL, KEITH J;34-33-202-000;28334
MISSEL, KEVIN/MISTY;34-17-406-000;55978
MUELLER, FREDERICK L / MARY M;34-30-308-019;52498
OLSON, WILLARD D JR/CAROL;34-05-307-000;74683
OLSON, WILLARD JR ETAL;34-05-306-000;41219
OLSON, WILLARD JR/CAROL;34-20-304-000;49345
OLTMAN, LARRY L/ PATRICIA A;34-22-302-000;1431
OLTMAN, LARRY-PATRICIA;34-22-303-000;6675
REED, BARBARA E;34-11-405-000;175701
REED, WILLIAM H ETAL;34-13-204-000;354522
RINKER, CHARLES E;34-10-404-000;178371
RINKER, CHARLES E;34-10-406-000;175401
RINKER, COLLEEN/DURR, MARY;34-11-109-000;175881
RINKER, VERNON A/ROXIE TRUST;34-02-106-000;176031
SCHOBERT, GARY L/MARSHA A;34-11-107-000;353142
SICKLEY, DAVID TRUSTEE;34-15-202-000;350742
STASELL, RONALD G ETAL;34-30-215-000;6641
SWEEDEN TRUST, GERALD/MARY;34-20-305-000;13841
SWEEDEN, PAUL D / DEBORAH L TTEES;34-27-103-000;12290
SWEEDEN, PAUL D / DEBORAH L TTEES;34-27-200-000;18660
TALTY, CHARLES/JOYCE TRUST;34-13-307-000;176481
TALTY, DONALD;34-01-305-000;175671
TALTY, KENNETH R / KATHLEEN A TTEES;34-11-307-000;175761
TALTY, KENNETH R / KATHLEEN A TTEES;34-12-315-000;176091
TALTY, KYLE;34-14-315-000;1394
TARAL, JACK D;34-30-307-019;16531
TUTKO, CHARLES D/VIRGINIA L;34-30-216-000;70881
UNITED PIPE & SUPPLY CO;34-30-352-000;60968
WIDMAN, RYAN J / SHARI D;34-23-204-000;10451
WITTNER, ARNOLD G/GAYLE L;34-12-403-000;175791