The following listing is published in the:

110 W Jefferson St
Ottawa, Il 61350




Valuation date (35 ILCS 200/9-95):                                            January 1, 2014

Required level of assessment (35 ILCS 200/9-145):                   33.33%

Valuation based on sales from (35 ILCS 200/1-155):                    2011, 2012 & 2013

            Publication is hereby made for equalized assessed valuations for real property in this township in accordance with 35 ILCS 200/12-10.  As required by 35 ILCS 200/9-210 and 35 ILCS 200/10-115, the following equalization factors have been applied to bring the assessments to the statutorily required three-year median level of 33.33%:

                                  FARM LAND (D.O. R. CERTIFIED VALUES).. 1.1000

                                  FARM LOTS, DWELLING ……………………. 0.9751

                                  NON-FARM RES LOTS ……………………….. 0.9751

                                  NON-FARM RES IMPROVEMENTS …………. 0.9751

                                  COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL ………………... 1.0000

            Questions about these valuations should be directed to:

                      Hal Ament

                      2889 N. 4639th Rd.

                      Sandwich, IL. 60548


                      Office hours: By appointment only.

            Property in this Township, other than farmland and coal, is to be assessed at a 33.33% median level of assessment, based on the fair cash value of the property.  You may check the accuracy of your assessment by dividing your assessment by the median level of assessment.  The resulting value should equal the estimated fair cash value of your property.  If the resulting value is greater than the estimated fair cash value of your property, you may be over-assessed.  If the resulting value is less than the fair cash value of your property, you may be under-assessed.  You may appeal your assessment to the Board of Review.

            If you believe your property’s fair cash value is incorrect or that the equalized assessed valuation is not uniform with other comparable properties in the same neighborhood, the following steps should be taken:

1.     Contact your township assessor’s office to review the assessment.

2.     If not satisfied with the assessor review, taxpayers may file a complaint with the LaSalle County Board of Review.  For complaint forms, instructions, and the Rules and Procedures of the Board of Review, call (815) 434-8231 or visit for more information.

3.     The final filing deadline for your township is 30 days from this publication date.  After this date, the Board of Review will no longer accept 2013 complaints for this township but will accept 2014 complaints payable the 2015 tax year. For more information on complaint deadlines, call (815) 434-8231 or visit

Your property may be eligible for homestead exemptions, which can reduce your property’s taxable assessment.  For more information on homestead exemptions, call (815) 434-8233 or visit

            Your property tax bill will be calculated as follows:

Final Equalized Assessed Value – Exemptions = Taxable Assessment;

Taxable Assessment x Current Tax Rate = Total Tax Bill.

            All equalized assessed valuations are subject to further equalization and revision by the LaSalle County Board of Review as well as equalization by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

            A complete list of assessments for this township for the current assessment year is as follows:


Owner Name Parcel Number Total Value
ADRIAN, SUSAN T;05-08-400-040;3413
AGUIRRE, JAMES W;05-04-305-009;6826
AISTER, EDWIN J/ DIANE L;05-10-104-018;6826
ALLEN, RONALD G;05-26-401-001;290
ANDERSON, THOS-KATHLEEN;05-04-306-035;6826
ARMBRUSTER, JACK/PATRICIA;05-03-310-022;6826
BAHL, DENNIS/ROBBIN;05-08-403-006;6826
BARNES, CHRISTOPHER/ PAMELA;05-09-201-016;6826
BARNES, RANDY-GREG;05-08-304-011;6826
BARRETT, KEVIN P / TERRI R TTEE;05-08-208-011;115724
BEARDSLEY, RONALD D;05-05-208-013;44750
BECCARA, SAM/ ANGELA;05-08-400-023;6826
BELTRAN, VICTOR M / KATHLEEN D;05-10-104-004;53043
BELTRAN, VICTOR-KATHLN;05-10-104-003;6826
BENNETT, THOMAS J;05-03-310-028;3413
BOCKMAN, JOHN H/ JOAN L;05-08-203-002;6826
BOGDA, ROBERT A / RHEA E;05-03-302-022;6826
BOLEN, RICH-ARDIS;05-09-206-023;6826
BORKOWSKI, ALBERT-PHYLLIS;05-03-308-030;6826
BRANDT, KEVIN R / CINDY K;05-04-101-004;6826
BROADUS, DON / CINDY;05-04-202-008;6826
BROWN, CHRISTINE C;05-09-205-037;6826
CAMPBELL, JAMES E;05-03-306-007;6826
CAMPBELL, JAMES E/ CAROLYN L;05-04-203-004;97038
CENTRUE BANK;05-08-403-010;6826
CHOI, YOUNG D / MUN S;05-34-203-000;366140
CHUK, CHARLES M / GERILYN M;05-08-202-011;6826
COFFMAN, R / MC KIRGAN, M;05-09-206-021;6826
COMER, HERB / NICOLE;05-37-114-000;47734
CONLEY, RAYMOND/SUSAN;05-09-101-011;97901
CORNEILS, BRADLEY;05-04-406-012;52950
CORY, SARAH;05-13-302-000;5561
CORY, SARAH;05-14-402-000;16636
CORY, SARAH ELLEN;05-24-102-000;25344
COX, ALBERT-DENISE;05-08-200-015;6826
CULLEN, JODI L TTEE;05-08-400-038;114454
DAGYS, VINCT-CONSTNCE;05-08-304-007;6826
DAHMER, EDWARD/ROBERTA;05-04-406-016;6826
DANKOWSKI, CHESTER-CAROL;05-03-302-040;6826
DAVIS, DANIEL L/ JANET S;05-08-401-012;6826
DE ROSE, WAYNE;05-03-307-009;6826
DEATHERAGE, AL/DELORES;05-04-405-011;6826
DEBOER, WILLIAM/ KAREN TRUST;05-09-100-006;89570
DELP PROPERTY LLC;05-03-400-008;162446
DEVRIES, JEAN;05-16-401-000;3583
DEWEY, FRANCIS/KAREN;05-04-306-028;6826
DONAHUE, LYNN M;05-09-204-001;6826
DURANCIK, CHARLES/ SANDRA;05-03-105-005;63827
EDWARDS, RONALD-SUSAN;05-03-303-006;6826
ERNAT, BERNARD;05-04-205-010;6826
ESSER, ROBERT H ETAL;05-09-103-005;6826
FANN, RUSSELL T;05-03-302-006;6826
FELTON, DANIEL-TAMMY;05-09-302-010;6826
FILKINS, WALTER / BABS;05-09-202-005;6826
FOSEN, MICHAEL-DEBORH;05-04-305-008;6826
FOUTS, T J;05-09-106-007;6826
FREIDERS, LARRY/GENE;05-04-302-002;6826
FROMHERZ, ROBBIN/ PEGGY;05-05-403-005;6826
GABRIEL, ROBERT J/ EUNICE M;05-04-308-014;6826
GILCHRIST, JAMES W/ GIGETTA L;05-08-202-017;40563
GLAB, JOHN D / PATRICIA M;05-08-400-022;57287
GLAZIER, STEVE-BARBARA;05-04-405-004;6826
GLOWACKI, RYAN T;05-16-108-000;9599
GONZALEZ, JOHN-SANDY;05-09-302-009;6826
GOODWICK, JUDITH C;05-05-208-023;47334
GOODWIN, MAC/ DONNA TRUSTEES;05-04-301-017;6826
GOZDER, PAUL/LAUREL;05-05-400-013;6826
GRANDGEORGE, GLADYS;05-04-202-006;6826
GRAY, GARY E;05-10-103-001;6826
GRIMSLEY, ROY/SUSAN;05-08-202-013;6826
GUEHLER, ROGER;05-08-200-009;6826
GUNIER, JON F;05-37-110-000;25747
GUSTAFSON, CARL/SANDRA;05-10-103-010;6826
HABBE, RONALD E JR;05-10-102-018;6826
HAMILTON, LOIS F LIVING TRUST;05-03-310-004;6826
HAMILTON, LOIS F LIVING TRUST;05-05-208-029;54710
HAMMOND, JEFFREY/RITA;05-31-411-006;55457
HANSON, GREGORY A/CONSTANCE M;05-15-304-000;23233
HANSON, GREGORY A/CONSTANCE M;05-16-403-000;9919
HANSON, JEFFREY B/ TRACY L;05-31-439-000;51130
HEFLIN, TERRENCE L / SUZANNE S TTEE;05-04-308-005;6826
HELLER, KARL-GAIL A;05-09-209-020;6826
HENDRON, ANGELA M;05-05-208-028;45261
HENDRON, RICHARD/ RENENE;05-26-401-006;150
HERREN, CAROLYN;05-31-214-000;23487
HERREN, MICHAEL/KOURTNEY;05-31-211-000;87750
HOGREFE, LESTER-RUTH;05-04-404-015;6826
HOGREFE, LESTER-RUTH;05-04-404-019;6826
HOLLAND, LARRY-PAMELA;05-08-206-011;83026
HOME CONNECTION LLC;05-08-302-002;6826
HROUDA, ROBERT J / SANDRA L TTEE;05-05-208-012;58795
HUEGELMANN, MARK-ALICE;05-08-304-002;6826
HUYNH, JEANIE;05-26-401-005;150
HUYNH, JEANIE;05-26-402-002;150
HUYNH, LYNN;05-26-401-007;225
JACOBS, DAVID W TTEE;05-04-403-014;6826
JENSEN, DAVID;05-23-428-000;6747
JENSEN, DAVID / JUDITH;05-26-400-005;554
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-400-002;193
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-400-007;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-400-008;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-400-009;173
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-401-003;249
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-401-004;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-003;196
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-005;175
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-006;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-013;4085
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-017;190
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-018;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-019;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-020;204
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-021;219
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-023;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-024;150
JENSEN, DAVID A / JUDITH A;05-26-402-025;150
JOHNSON, CHARLES O / RITA J;05-05-208-014;45516
JOHNSON, DALE A / JACQUELINE;05-09-105-018;6826
JOHNSON, RICHARD J & THERESA D;05-08-104-000;31741
KAIPPEL, STEPHEN;05-04-303-012;6826
KARBER, JOHN MICHAEL TRUSTEE;05-13-300-000;24539
KAREOTES, ARESTEA;05-03-307-021;6826
KARPIESIUK, JOSEPH;05-03-307-005;6826
KAUS, JERRY A/ ELIZABETH J;05-03-105-017;6826
KEENE, ROBERT A / MARY V;05-03-302-062;39422
KENDRA, KAREN;05-04-304-029;6826
KISH, THEODORE-PEARL;05-08-203-003;6826
KISH, THEODORE-PEARL;05-08-203-004;6826
KISH, THEODORE-PEARL;05-09-207-007;6826
KNEE, ANDRA / LAIS, CORNELIA;05-25-205-000;36489
KOEPPEN, VERONICA;05-26-402-022;150
KOH, SAM MIN/KUM S;05-03-307-002;6826
KOPPEL, GERALD N TTEE;05-09-204-010;6656
KOSINSKI, MICHAEL A / SUSAN A;05-04-308-015;6826
LA SOURD, LONNIE/TRINA;05-03-302-017;74902
LAFFEY, RICHARD/ SHARON;05-33-207-000;105581
LAG, RICHARD/SUSAN;05-04-306-004;6826
LANGE, LLOYD / TERRY;05-05-401-010;6826
LAPIERRE, JOHN J;05-03-305-008;6826
LARSON, DONLEY;05-37-122-006;12281
LASZEWSKI, DAVID / KELLY;05-04-405-030;6826
LECHOWICZ, GARY;05-25-402-000;20775
LEHNER, NICK/THELMA;05-09-104-006;6826
LENHARDT, GEORGE/ MARILYN;05-04-304-021;6826
LESKO JR, JAMES-JUNE;05-04-200-001;6826
LETIZIA & LETIZIA LTD;05-04-204-013;6826
LEWIS, THOMAS JR;05-04-405-020;6826
MALMBORG, WILLIAM A;05-37-208-000;27475
MALONEY, GERALD-PATRCA;05-03-308-013;6826
MARCHESE, KATHERINE E;05-03-304-005;6826
MARTIN, JAMES-NANCY;05-09-208-019;6826
MARTINEZ, DANIEL A / CARA A;05-03-300-005;79851
MATAYA, STEVEN A;05-04-403-022;62759
MC GOWAN, PAUL;05-09-203-008;6826
MC HUGH, PATRICK-DARLEN;05-03-302-054;6826
MC NICHOLAS, JULIE A TTEE;05-04-206-004;6826
MENTH, LYNN M TTEE;05-04-305-021;6826
MENTH, LYNN M TTEE;05-04-305-022;6826
MENTH, LYNN M TTEE;05-04-305-024;6826
MERCURIO, JOSEPH;05-09-204-003;6826
MIERNICKI, LEON J - JANETTE J;05-04-201-011;6826
MIKLAS, MARIANNE J;05-08-405-011;6826
MORENO, BELL;05-08-403-020;6826
MROZ, GLEN/STEFANIA;05-08-303-015;6826
MURPHY, TIMOTHY/ MELANI D;05-26-400-004;515
MURREY, RANDALL S / MARIA N;05-04-302-035;61000
NACHICH, JEANETTE TTEE;05-08-208-008;57727
NARDI, RAY/KATHERINE;05-08-402-008;6826
NEAHRING, KENNETH / DEBORAH;05-04-207-016;98064
NELSON, JAMES-PATRICIA;05-37-122-003;13259
NESS, THOMAS/ CRYSTAL;05-26-400-010;209
NEUENDORF, EMILY M TTEE;05-15-100-000;73622
NEUMANN FAMILY TRUST;05-09-105-011;6826
NOVOSEL, ARTHUR;05-03-304-001;6826
NUGENT, BRYAN/ MARILYN ETAL;05-03-302-005;6826
O'CONNELL, JAMES/PATRICIA;05-09-201-007;6826
O'HARA, JAMES-CHARLOTTE;05-04-201-008;6826
ORTH, ROBERT/PATRICIA;05-04-405-002;6826
OTTEN, WILLIAM/PATRICIA;05-09-201-005;6826
PALASIEWICZ, BEATA;05-03-302-026;6826
PALOIAN, CHAS-JANET;05-04-303-028;6826
PATTERMANN, JAMES / LINDA AND;05-04-200-008;6826
PAZDZIORA, WACLAW TERESA;05-04-301-001;6826
PERCIC, EDWARD/DORIS;05-03-305-002;6826
PERITORE, ANGELO J/RHONDA R;05-09-301-005;101919
PETERSEN, HAROLD A-M;05-09-202-003;6826
PETKUS, COLLEEN TTEE;05-03-308-002;6826
PETRINO, KELLY A;05-05-208-033;45495
PHAM, THANH/HUYNH, JULIANE;05-26-402-015;150
PHAM, THANH/HUYNH, JULIANE;05-26-402-016;150
PIOTROWSKI, PAWEL;05-09-203-010;6826
PIPER, ROBT-DOLORES;05-05-400-011;6826
PODSCHWEIT, STEVE L;05-04-306-041;556
POHLMAN, ERICH P;05-03-301-013;6826
POTTER, EUGENE / MARY ELLEN;05-26-408-000;101950
PRAZAK III, CHAS-BESEMARIE;05-09-104-010;6826
RAFACZ, JERRY/KAREN;05-08-302-005;6826
REGER RENTALS, L L C;05-09-209-030;6826
REINDL, MICHAEL / HOLLY;05-03-102-012;57055
REVERS, ROBT-MADELINE TRUST;05-04-205-005;6826
REYES, HECTOR/DEBORAH;05-03-302-039;41262
RIX, WM-CHARLOTTE;05-09-201-006;53848
RIZZO, BETTY ANN;05-09-107-024;6826
ROACH, DEBORAH M TRUSTEE;05-09-202-011;6826
ROACH, DEBORAH M TRUSTEE;05-09-202-012;6826
ROMAN, ARTHUR-G;05-04-308-009;6826
ROOP, DIANA S;05-26-400-001;241
ROTH, ROGER J / MELINDA K;05-04-403-023;65820
RUSEWICZ, ANTHONY J / OLGA G;05-09-204-009;6826
RUSSO, LEONARD B;05-05-402-008;6826
SAITTA, LISA;05-09-102-004;108792
SCARIMBOLO, ANTONIA;05-04-307-018;6826
SCHEID, THERESA L/MICHAEL R;05-10-103-002;6826
SCHILLER, CHARLES V;05-08-400-028;78206
SCHMIDT, EILEEN;05-08-208-009;42031
SCHOOLMAN, PARR T / ROBIN L;05-08-205-012;89110
SCHUM, LARRY NANCY;05-04-202-022;6826
SCIULLO, FERMO-MARIA TRUST;05-04-307-007;6826
SCIULLO, SABBIA;05-03-301-012;6826
SCOLARO, AUGUST-COLLEEN;05-04-308-022;6826
SECOR, RYAN / JESSICA;05-08-100-015;61057
SEIDELMAN, MATTHEW;05-04-200-006;6826
SHEPARD, SHARON A;05-04-306-040;53331
SHERMER, RICHARD/DOROTHY;05-09-101-007;76941
SIMPSON, GALE W;05-37-126-000;42342
SINGHAL, ASHA TTEE;05-09-302-002;6826
SLEEZER, MICHAEL;05-09-104-012;6826
SMITH, JAMES & CHRISTINE;05-04-307-019;6826
SMITH, KEVIN/PATRICIA;05-09-204-005;6826
SMOLUCHA, MARION-LAVERNE;05-04-305-001;6826
SMOLUCHA, MARION-LAVERNE;05-04-305-002;6826
SOBOL, RONALD/ ROBERTA;05-04-403-013;6826
SOMONAUK-109 N J GENR PTRS;05-15-200-000;36834
SPITZ, GREGORY A;05-09-101-012;100916
STACHYRA, REGINA TRUSTEE;05-04-301-002;6826
STARKUS, DALE R;05-04-403-020;6826
STOCKHAM, STEPHAN;05-04-308-023;6826
STRINGER, SCOT/TAMMY;05-04-303-022;54881
STUMPENHORST, JOEL/DENISE;05-03-309-025;6826
SUCHACZEWSKI, TIMOTHY/AMY;05-08-400-041;3413
SUPPES, HENRY DALE TTEE;05-23-200-000;100431
SURANE, RICHARD/ CAROL;05-04-302-024;6826
SUSRALSKI, EDWARD / LESLIE;05-04-308-003;6826
SUSTR, WILLIAM F;05-03-305-015;6826
SWON, JEFFREY L;05-08-303-011;57997
SYPIEN, DAVID/ SHELLY;05-26-402-014;150
TALTY, BONNIE TTEE;05-09-100-004;86190
THOMPSON, GREGORY;05-37-108-000;14143
TOMASKO, BONITA S TTEE;05-04-401-004;85248
TUCKER, KEITH / NORMA;05-05-208-034;45657
UBA, STANLEY-EILEEN;05-04-403-003;6826
VAN OSDELL, BARBARA/ROBERT TTE;05-03-304-022;48209
VANATTA, BRETT / TIFFANY;05-03-305-017;6826
VANDER PLOEG, ROBT-JOANNE;05-04-200-013;6826
VERNOR, JAMES-JULIA;05-09-107-013;6826
VICKERS, THEODORE;05-03-308-019;6826
VICKERS, THEODORE;05-03-308-020;6826
WALSH, VINCENT J;05-09-101-006;88126
WAMPLER, JACK-SHARON;05-08-304-010;6826
WARD, WALLACE W / DORIS J;05-37-100-000;18401
WARREN, ALVIN W SR TTEE;05-10-101-007;6826
WASSON, GREGORY / JENNIFER;05-04-309-020;204727
WATHEN, JAY L;05-04-305-011;60240
WATHEN, JOSEPH G / VALLERI;05-03-302-060;6826
WATHEN, JOSEPH G / VALLERI;05-03-309-015;59927
WATHEN, JOSEPH G / VALLERI;05-04-303-038;6826
WATHEN, JOSEPH G / VALLERI;05-04-303-039;6826
WATHEN, JOSEPH G / VALLERI;05-04-406-013;54389
WEIHLER, STUART / PAULA;05-09-201-008;6826
WESTEFER, GARY M;05-09-302-004;6826
WESTERN SAND & GRAVEL CO;05-32-418-000;30645
WHITE, MICHAEL S;05-09-209-014;63607
WILKINSON, FLOYD/MARY JO;05-04-228-000;27855
WILKINSON, RICHARD F / HEATHER N;05-06-106-000;1512
WOODS, RANDALL-CAROL;05-08-404-006;115962
WRIGHT, VIVIAN C TTEE;05-23-405-000;75489
WYMAN, JAMES-PAMELA;05-03-307-010;6826
ZACHARKO JR, WALTER;05-08-200-003;6826
ZAESKE, PHILLIP - DEBORAH;05-32-100-029;103734
ZIDEK, FRANK O;05-09-205-019;6826
ZIMMERMAN, BRIAN;05-03-307-022;6826
ZIMMERMAN, JEREMY;05-05-403-011;6826
ZIMMERMAN, KEITH M;05-05-201-020;48624